Crisis Emergency Procedures

Crisis Emergency Procedures  


The Claysburg-Kimmel High School's committed to the safety of all children and staff.  In the event of an emergency and the school must be evacuated, our primary outdoor evacuation site will be the athletic field bleachers.  If the site is unavailable, our alternate evacuation site will be the Christ Lutheran Church.  For all other emergencies, students and staff will remain on site and follow established crisis procedures

We ask for your cooperation in following these procedures if you hear of an emergency at school.

1.  The Crisis Response team will be activated and appropriate steps taken to provide a safe and supportive environment for students and staff.

2.  Students will only be dismissed from the emergency evacuation site with a parent or individual designated on the student's emergency form.  Identification may be requested.  it is the responsibility of the parent to keep all emergency records up-to-date.

3.  The school's dismissal procedures must be followed.  Students are required to sign out with the crisis team member in charge prior to leaving the school or evacuation site.

4.  Students driving must notify faculty members or office staff stationed at designated dismissal sites before leaving school.

5.  Please do NOT call the school.  we must have all the telephone lines open for emergency use.  If your child has been injured, a crisis team member will call you immediately.

6.  During or immediately following an emergency, do not drive to school.  The school access road and entrances must remain clear for emergency vehicles.

7.  Listen to WFGY, WPRR, or WFGY radio or watch WTAJ or WJAC television station.  Information and specific instructions will be announced.

8.  Parents desiring to pick up their children must report to the crisis team members in charge at the athletic field bleachers or the Christ Lutheran Church.

   Thank you for following these instructions.  We are sure you share our concerns and we appreciate your efforts to help us ensure your child's safety at school.