Safe School Policy


In the past couple of years there have been efforts to maintain the safest possible school environment at Claysburg-Kimmel School District.  Doors have been secured and procedures  concerning safety have been implemented.  There have been restrictions placed on people visiting the building.  As the entire country has become extremely more security conscious, so will we at Claysburg-Kimmel High School.

Bookbags, lockers and persons may be searched at any time if there is reasonable  suspicion  of illegal activity.

All contraband is strictly forbidden on the school property.  Contraband includes but is not limited to tobacco products, drugs, alcohol, and weapons.

Reminder:  Weapons are defined in the student handbook as "firearms, knives, clubs or any other instrument meant to be used as a weapon and which constitutes a threat to the safety of others."

Please make certain you do not carry any pocket penknives as they would be a violation of policy.

Metal detectors may be used at anytime to randomly check for any contraband.  Please do not overreact in any kind of search situation.  It is done to maintain the safety and welfare of all staff and students of Claysburg-Kimmel School District